Telling my story

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Previously I said that on Monday I’d present my story about how a fraudulent charity called the Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite) cyberstalked and harassed me all year. Remarkably, board members Aaron Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, and Judith Greenspan are accepting donations from Tesla short sellers to personally attack Tesla customers, in violation of the law.

This constitutes tax fraud and securities fraud, given that a substantial if not all significant activity of the 501 (c)(3) is intended to inure private benefit to Aaron Greenspan’s personal stock market bets. To receive a tax exemption as a non-profit all of an organization’s activities must be directed towards an exempt purpose that serves only the public good. There can be no benefits to any individual, especially not those running the organization. Criminal harassment is certainly not an exempt charitable activity.

Tesla short sellers are able to deduct donations to this “charity” due to the illegal misappropriation of a non-profit Aaron Greenspan registered as a high school project to “donate computers to children with disabilities”. In addition, the foundation is able to avoid paying taxes, including on $250,000 Aaron Greenspan extorted from Mark Zuckerburg challenging the trademark application for Facebook.

The story is coming, but I’m not sure I’ll be done with it tomorrow. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I want to make sure I do it right, in an impartial and unemotional way, presenting all the evidence that’s available
  2. I’m enjoying the break
  3. I know that I will be attacked and targeted after I post it, and I’m not missing that. I know the haters are still posting about me, but I don’t have to read most of it and I enjoy that

So the story is coming, but just be patient. I haven’t ever told this whole story because it’s kind of painful and there are a lot of parts that are very personal. But it needs to be done.

11 thoughts on “Telling my story

  1. Take your time and get it right. Leave no doubt thar what you will post is the unvarnished truth. Run it past someone with a legal eye.

    Don’t allow the bum farts the pleasure of suing because of a minor mistake. Good luck.

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