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These are incredibly exciting times, as the EV transition accelerates across the globe. If you’re like me, you can’t get enough Tesla & EV news but find that there’s so much constant buzz that it’s easy to miss the stories that really matter. That’s why I’ve been telling everyone to go sign up for my favorite EV newsletter, The EV Universe written by my good friend Jaan.

I’ve been covering Tesla for years now and have gotten to know many amazing folks. Among them is Jaan, someone I’ve chatted online with for years and who has been consistently putting out quality content that brings together all the news in the EV world. You can read all about the newsletter and subscribe at evuniverse.io, or check out some of the archived issues online, such as this newsletter about the adoption of NACS.

The EV Universe isn’t just some newsletter you’ll scroll past in your inbox — it’s a finely tuned machine that takes in inputs from over 100 sources and distills them into a 10-minute read that leaves you smarter than before. It’s like Tesla Autopilot, but for your weekly EV news consumption. Efficient, accurate, and relaxing!

Beyond the informative and compact format, what sets Jaan’s newsletter apart is his ability to connect the dots. He doesn’t just relay news, he interprets it, setting the stage for meaningful conversations. Just recently, he managed to grab Elon Musk’s attention with an eye opening tweet on Tesla’s EV market share in the US. Make sure to go follow Jaan on Twitter, @TheEVuniverse.

Becoming a pro subscriber to The EV Universe feels like having an all-access pass to the backstage of the EV world. You’ll find yourself anticipating each weekly drop, eager to devour the latest developments.

I cannot emphasize this enough – head to evuniverse.io now and hit that subscribe button. Be a part of this electrifying journey as we transition to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future. Signing up to The EV Universe is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your EV knowledge boost.

In addition, Th EV Universe offers sponsored slots for as little as $150 per issue. It’s a super cost effective way to get the word out about your product or service to EV industry professionals, EV owners, founders, and investors.

Huge thanks to The EV Universe for booking 1 day sponsored slot on sponsor.wholemars.com. Even if they weren’t sponsoring, I would still recommend them.

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