Big thanks to Jowua, maker of awesome Tesla accessories

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I want to give a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jowua (pronounced Joe-uh) for sponsoring Whole Mars this week. Not only does Jowua make a ton of amazing Tesla accessories, they’re also a great member of the Tesla community. If you spend any time on Tesla Twitter I’m sure you’ve seen some of their hilarious viral memes like this one (make sure to give them a follow on Twitter):

I’m really excited about this week’s sponsor — their products are genuinely very cool and I’m looking forward to reviewing a few of them for you this week on YouTube. More than that, I love supporting other members of the Tesla community, especially those taking the leap of entrepreneurship and building a business. I’ve gotten to talk a bit with the marketing team over the past weeks and months, who are based out of North America, while the rest of the team (design/engineering) is out of Taiwan.

The Jowua team has agreed to give 5% off any order placed using my referral link or with the code WHOLEMARS at checkout. Definitely check out their site — they’ve got a ton of products so there’s really something for everyone. Their products also make fantastic gifts for your Tesla loving friend or family member. But honestly, they’ve got so many cool products it can be kind of hard to browse them all so I’ll highlight some of my favorites that Jowua sent me to review.

  1. One of my favorite products has to be this Jowua USB hub for Model 3 and Model Y. The USB ports in the center console of my Tesla are so handy, but I don’t like having to leave the compartment open or have a wire sticking out — it looks messy. This hub has a great design that looks like it’s something that came straight from the factory. Now you can plug in USB-C or USB-A accessories without having to dig in the center compartment. I was actually carrying around an adapter to plug USB-A accessories into my Tesla, but now I don’t have to. At less than $50 this thing is an absolute steal.

2. Another product that I really love is their invisible foldaway MagSafe wireless charging pad. This thing is so handy I can’t believe I ever lived without it. It hooks right onto your iPhone with MagSafe, charging your iPhone wirelessly while also mounting it in place — perfect for ride share drivers or people who use apps like Waze on their phone to navigate. I love that the magnets hold the phone in place for a nice secure charge — it’s miles better than the standard Tesla wireless charging pad which doesn’t do much to stop your phone from sliding around and can’t charge very quickly. I also love that it’s so easy to fold the product out of the way when you’re not using it. The stand is very adjustable, so you can get your phone mounted exactly how you want it.

3. I was also surprised by how much I liked the wireless game controllers. You can use these to play games, including Steam, wirelessly on the Model S & X. You can also plug the controller into the car with USB and charge the controller while you play. Before I got these controllers, I had been keeping an Xbox controller or two in the center console. These worked great, but they were a little too big — keeping two in the center console of the Model 3 & Y for easy access during a quick stop didn’t leave much space for other items. These Jowua controllers are much more compact and flat, but they still feel great to play on. It’s the perfect game controller to keep in the center console of your Tesla so it’s always ready when you and your passenger want to play a quick game of Beach Buggy Racing while you wait.

4. Another Jowua product I’m going to be keeping in the car with me is the foldable car tray. This is a large tray that’s perfect for doing some work in the car, having a meal, playing the new Zelda game on your Switch, or whatever else you can think of. If you spend a lot of time in your car it’s just a really handy think to have around. It’s too large to fit in the center console so I keep mine in the trunk, in the under storage compartment. It folds up nicely so it’s easy to store in the trunk or frunk.

5. Last but not least, I love this touch up paint pen! We all love our Teslas and like to see them looking good, so it hurts to see the scratches and rock chips that inevitably occur as you put your car to use. With this touch up paint pen, matched to the color of your Tesla, you can cover up those rock chips and blemishes and keep your car looking brand new. The pen is much easier to use than the standard paint touch up kit that Tesla sells.

Believe it or not this isn’t even scratching the surface of all the great Jowua products available, so make sure to go check out their website and browse the full list of products for yourself. They have a section that allows you to browse by vehicle and see which products are compatible with the Tesla you have.

Without the support of sponsors like Jowua I wouldn’t be able to do this, so please go support them by buying some stuff. Don’t forget to use the link or code WHOLEMARS for 5% off! Thanks again to the whole Jowua team for their support ❤️ We don’t take sponsors that suck — everyone I’ve talked to who has bought Jowua products had nothing but great things to say. This brand is growing fast and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them to see what they come up with next. Just today I saw them announce a new sunshade that I’m sure some people will really appreciate.

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