Aaron Greenspan Demands Removal of Stalker Story by 4:20 PM, or else

Have you been reading the story about my stalker, Aaron Jacob Greenspan? A quick recap for those who haven’t yet: For the past two years I’ve been dealing with a crazy stalker named Aaron Jacob Greenspan. I’ve never met him before –– he’s a creepy 40-year-old Tesla short seller who found me on Twitter and doxxed me on my 25th birthday because he didn’t like my tweets about Tesla, or my reporting on the short and distort scheme that he and his “TSLAQ” buddies orchestrated against the company. Aaron Greenspan and his charity Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite) will go to insane lengths to harass, threaten, and blackmail critics into silence. That’s why he decided to sue me and Elon Musk for “securities fraud” a few days after I published a blog post where I mentioned his charity’s harassment of Tesla customers. He has been pushing a conspiracy theory for years now that I’m secretly being paid by Elon Musk to act as his “agent”, in order to incite other Tesla short sellers to join his charity in attacking me.

When I started to tell my story about how I’d been stalked, smeared, and harassed by Greenspan’s “charity” Think Computer Foundation / PlainSite, Aaron Greenspan freaked out. I think he’s probably worried because he knows that I have evidence of serious criminal activity on his part that could very well land him in prison if word gets out. Aaron Greenspan and his TSLAQ accomplices have indicated that they’re willing to hurt me or even kill me to stop that from happening –– and I’ve saved as much of the evidence as I can to show you in the next few chapters of the story.

Recently, Aaron Greenspan asked the Judge presiding over his SLAPP-suit against me Elon Musk to order me to take down all blog posts mentioning his name –– including the Aaron Greenspan stalker story. His motion was denied.

But that didn’t stop Aaron Greenspan. He is still working hard to figure out how he can hide evidence of his crimes, and is ready to retaliate against me or anyone else if needed. On Thursday, January 28, 2021 Aaron Greenspan delivered his latest threat. He demanded the Aaron Greenspan stalker story and all other posts mentioning his name be taken down by 4:20 PM today, or else he would retaliate at a time of his choosing. As a hint at what kind of retaliation to expect, he promised to file even more frivolous motions in court in an attempt to bankrupt me as well as burn the court’s public resources.

Greenspan revealed his intentions quite clearly in a threatening email sent on January 11, 2021. In it, he promised that the more I tried to tell my story,

the more facts will be included in my proposed supplemental complaint, which means you will have to spend time reading and opposing it, which means it will cost Omar (and/or his donors) money, which means he will get more upset with me. And since he has now written over 300 pages as part of “The Story” alone, that expense is likely to be significant. And the tragedy here is that it’s entirely avoidable.

Aaron Jacob Greenspan

Anyway, here’s the threatening e-mail he sent yesterday demanding that the entire Aaron Greenspan story be removed by 4:20 PM.

Judge Donato issued his most recent Order, ECF No. 102, at 2:35 P.M. Pacific Time on January 25, 2021. That Order stated:
“[A]ll parties and counsel are advised that all settlement communications must be treated as confidential to the parties unless they expressly agree to waive confidentiality.”
As you know, I have not in any way waived confidentiality of any settlement communications.

The Order also stated, “all parties are advised that [the Court] may act if the situation deteriorates.”
I was therefore surprised to see Omar invoking my name specifically today in relation to the ongoing situation and national news surrounding GameStop and other frequently shorted stocks, which Elon Musk has both fomented and commented on. See https://twitter.com/WholeMarsBlog/status/1354894115402522624. There was no need to invoke my name here and certainly not in conjunction with further baseless accusations. I view this as a deterioration of the situation, and further evidence that Omar acts as an agent of Elon Musk, ostensible or otherwise.
Together, these facts indisputably reflect Omar’s intent to willfully disobey the Court.
That all being said, it is clear that the Court has better things to do than serve as Omar’s babysitter, and so do I. This is Omar’s absolute last opportunity to avoid sanctions and/or contempt charges. Omar must remove all content about me from all sites within his control within 24 hours or I will bring this to the Court’s attention at a time of my choosing. Regardless, salient facts may be included in the next iteration of the complaint. This means that sites like “The Story” on wholemars.netvagfoundation.org and plainshit.org need to come down and stay down.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Despite Greenspan’s claims that he has “better things to do than babysit” me, he has spent the last two years stalking and harassing me relentlessly. It’s a wonder he’s able to find time to eat and sleep. As someone who is more than a decade older than me, not too long ago Aaron Greenspan very well could have been my babysitter. Now, he’s my stalker.

All Aaron Greenspan has to do is leave me alone, and there would be no need for me to tell my story or try to raise money to defend against his illegal SLAPP-suit. However, because of Aaron Greenspan’s completely out of control anger issues and lack of impulse control (which he has admitted to publicly), he’s completely unable to do so no matter how much it will inevitably cost him down the line. Perhaps, as Harvard President Larry Summers once said, he enjoys the fight. Another possibility is that Greenspan is so dreadfully lonely that tormenting me is the closest thing to human interaction that he gets to feel, so he enjoys it. I certainly don’t enjoy him forcing himself into my life without my consent though.

Regardless of his motives, we owe a duty to the public and to all of Aaron Greenspan’s victims –– past, present, and future –– to tell this story. As long as Aaron Greenspan and his TSLAQ short-seller goons haven’t killed me, I promise to do just that. Aaron Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, and Judith Greenspan are running a criminal harassment operation disguised as a tax-exempt charity, and they’ve accepted donations as payment for their smear campaign against me and Tesla.

No matter what it costs me, no matter how much Aaron Greenspan hurts me, the world is going to know the truth. Check back here for Chapter 8 of the Aaron Greenspan story on Monday. It’s going to be the most shocking chapter yet.

Please help spread the word and share my story if you can. This guy is irrational, completely consumed by anger and hatred, and hell bent on destroying my life. I don’t know how to make him stop and go away, and I need help figuring out what to do.

6 thoughts on “Aaron Greenspan Demands Removal of Stalker Story by 4:20 PM, or else

  1. Doesn’t the Court also have better things to do? It would make sense to issue a summary judgement in your favor as soon as possible.

    I wonder if that could include cost and damages from the Greenspans, or if that needs further litigation?

    1. we’ve filed an anti-slapp motion which is specifically for cases where someone illegally sues someone else to try and keep them from speaking out. if we prevail greenspan will have to pay all costs. one way or another we will make sure he covers the expense

  2. Sorry, Off Topic and I really don’t want to spam — but don’t have an actual e-mail for Omar/Steve, nor on Twitter.

    Just saw your discussion on Twitter about Fusion Power. Someone mentioned the problem with neutrons, which breed radioactivity and thus pollute the whole power plant.

    Well, there may be a cleaner solution “soon” 😉 Astrophysicist Eric Lerner from LPP Fusion http://lppfusion.com/ is inching onto actually igniting a very hot plasma in a small machine (garage size for 5MW) and intends to load it with a Boron Hydride, Decaborane. Theoretically, B-11 + H+ will fuse into C-12, which will immediately split into 3 He plus a ton of energy as electron beam and X-rays, which can be fed into PV for more electricity. No neutrons released at all! So: clean, cheap, small power.

    What’s not to like, eh? Only a few remaining problems to solve … 😉 but it may well be possible! (Disclosure: I own 100 LPP shares.)

    Also can hardly wait for next Chapter!

  3. Aaron Greenspan is violating the Terms of his agreement with Godaddy. He is among many other vioalations data mining sensitive personal information.

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