Snowfall over Gigafactory Berlin

Last year, Gigafactory Shanghai ignited Tesla’s growth and allowed them to capitalize on the fast growing Chinese EV market in a way that just wasn’t possible before. Now, we’re about to see the same thing happen in Berlin with the construction of Tesla’s new European factory moving insanely quickly.

But Berlin is an even bigger deal than Shanghai. This will be the first Tesla factory with the all-new ColorLab paint shop. It’s the first factory that will manufacture and deploy Tesla’s new 4680 cells, in cars built with a structural battery pack.

The European EV market is growing like crazy right now, so the timing couldn’t be better. Just two days ago, CleanTechnica reported that EV marketshare in France has already reached around 20%:

Gigafactory Berlin can’t open soon enough. We need to see that 4680 Model Y, it’s going to be incredible! And that factory opening rave doesn’t sound too bad either…

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