Aaron Greenspan Begins Destroying Evidence of Criminal Activity

In the past few weeks, we’ve become aware of several instances of Aaron Greenspan and his fraudulent charity PlainSite attempting to hide and destroy evidence of their criminal misconduct. To the extent that this destruction of evidence violates pending litigation holds, Aaron Greenspan may be sanctioned for his failure to preserve evidence relevant to his criminal activity.

In one such example, the PlainSite Twitter account header had for years previously contained a legal summons saying “a lawsuit has been filed against you by Think Computer Foundation”. (Of course, that would be his header image).

However, after our investigation of Think Computer Foundation’s illegal conduct ranging from securities fraud to tax fraud to criminal harassment, Aaron Greenspan has made moves to distance PlainSite’s short-selling activities and securities fraud from his “charity”, despite the fact that the charity registration clearly states that PlainSite is a DBA (“doing business as”) alias for Think Computer Foundation.

If you take a look at the header image on PlainSite’s Twitter profile today, you’ll notice that it’s a photo that looks almost exactly the same except that Think Computer Foundation has been photoshopped out. Aaron’s nervousness and sudden desire to hide this part of the image after years is very telling. He has a very guilty conscience, and he’s very afraid to face the consequences of his actions.

Beyond that, he’s also been deleting Reddit comments and other written material that he considers incriminating, despite being fully aware of legal sanctions for destroying evidence related to his criminal activity before the lawsuit against Think Computer Foundation begins.

Aaron, the best thing to do is come clean and confess to all your lies and dishonesty now. It will be so much easier than trying to keep frantically destroying evidence. The truth will come out, no matter how hard you fight to hide it.

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  1. Motion for discovery to obtain access to plainsite.org and his other websites that he is using to harvest IP addresses and do lots of doxxing. Discovery should include the entire paper trail of all monies received as donations under fraudulent 501(c) (3), all bank records, PayPal records and all banking information on the co-owners.

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