SpaceX Testing Starlink on Jets

Expect to see Elon tweeting from the sky more often. SpaceX has asked the FCC for permission to test Starlink receivers on Gulfstream jets:

SpaceX submitted a new request with the FCC seeking permission to operate Starlink service aboard Gulfstream Jet planes, CNBC news first reported. “SpaceX seeks authority to test up to five user terminals electrically identical to those covered by its blanket license when mounted on a Gulfstream jet for a period of up to two years,” SpaceX wrote in a filing to the FCC. 


Previously, Starlink had been tested by the United States Air Force as a solution to provide Gigabit internet to the fleet anywhere on the globe:

In fact, the Starlink network has been tested by the United States Air Force. The military signed a deal with the company to experiment with how space-based internet could enhance operations. U.S. Air Force Chief for Acquisition Dr. Will Roper, who serves as the principal adviser for technology research and development, shared the Starlink broadband network was tested aboard aircraft during the live-fire exercise this year, as part of the military’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS)


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