Elon Musk Announces Start of Tesla Semi Volume Production

What’s that lassie?!? Trevor Milton just shit his pants? Well go get him some new pants, what are you waiting for!

That’s right –– in the leaked email above, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the company is moving the Tesla Semi from limited production to volume production.

This is an incredibly important and dramatically underrated product at Tesla. Semi trucks running on clean energy with Autopilot will have a massive impact on improving safety and air quality. More than that, they will spark people’s imaginations and make it that much easier to imagine a clean energy future.

But the most important thing here isn’t in the email.

Elon previously said that the reason they haven’t ramped Semi production is that they didn’t have enough cells. He said that once Tesla solved the cell supply problem, they could produce Semi in volume.

Well guess what? They’re going to start producing Semi in volume.

What does that mean? I guess we’ll find out on Battery Day.

UPDATE: Elon has confirmed that the leaked e-mail on Twitter is real. While Tesla will use make drivetrains and batteries at Gigafactory Nevada, he hinted that general assembly would take place at the new American Gigafactory:

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