Autopilot Dual Redundancy Activated in Latest Update

Tesla hacker @greentheonly reports that the visualization wasn’t the only new thing in the latest Autopilot update:

Tesla’s Full Self Driving computer actually consists of two completely separate computers, each with its own processors, RAM, and storage. Each computer runs an operating system that is completely identical yet completely separate from the computer on the other side.

Previously, only one of the two computers was running. This meant that if Autopilot crashed (in the software sense), the user would be forced to take over immediately. Now that dual redundancy is active, the system should theoretically be able to failover to the other computer without disengaging while the computer with the issue reboots.

As usual, there’s more going on with Full Self Driving than meets the eye. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments as Tesla marches on within an arms reach of the first Early Access build of Navigate on Autopilot for city streets.

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