Tesla to Offer Acceleration Boost Upgrade for all Teslas

Fred spotted something on the Autopilot upgrade page:

Tesla accidentally leaked a new ‘Acceleration Boost’ upgrade planned for the Model 3 vehicles equipped with a dual-motor powertrain.


There’s nothing listed yet, but on the page where you can upgrade Autopilot or Full Self Driving on the Tesla account certain users can see some new fine print. The text appears to show up only for dual-motor Model 3 owners, indicating the upgrade will likely only be available for that variant.

UPDATE: Tesla drivers of all Models including Model X and RWD Model 3 variants are also seeing this text. Scratch any theory about this being related to dual motor or sleeper performance model 3, such as what I wrote below.

It appears that the acceleration boost upgrade will cost about $2,000.

Elon recently also confirmed that rear seat heaters will be upgradable online:

What is it?

If I had to guess what this is, I’d say it’s an option to unlock performance-level acceleration on a standard dual-motor Model 3. Any Dual Motor Model 3 variant could then be converted into a “sleeper” Model 3.

Tesla has sold vehicles like this in the past, and there have been some rumors in stores that sleeper Model 3 would be available to purchase. The software update listed suggests the launch of these upgrades is imminent.

It’s also possible it’s a “ludicrous” or “launch mode” type upgrade for Performance or Dual Motor Model 3 that improves acceleration even further. But if I had to guess, I’d say it’s the former: an easy way to upgrade your Dual Motor Model 3 to a sleeper Performance.

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Leaked fine print on the Autopilot order page reveals Tesla will soon offer $2,000 “Acceleration Boost” for Dual Motor Model 3

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