Montana Skeptic Returns, Warns Tesla Short Sellers to “Stay Away”

Lawrence Fossi, a Tesla short seller who writes under the name “Montana Skeptic is back:

It has been a while since I took a hiatus from Seeking Alpha, for reasons much discussed at the time.

Montana Skeptic, Seeking Alpha

For those who missed this saga, Fossi decided to stop writing on Twitter and Seeking Alpha after Elon called his boss Stewart Rahr. Rahr was an early supporter of Tesla and one of the first people to purchase a Model S. To manage his wealth, the Rahr Foundation was set up and Fossi was hired to help manage Rahr’s assets.

After Elon asked Rahr why someone who worked for him was spending all day posting negative information about his company online, Fossi decided to stop voluntarily. This was spun as some kind of horrible crime in the Tesla short-seller community.

But now, in this desperate hour for Tesla shorts, Montana Skeptic is back as Fossi claims he is now “his own boss”. Here’s what he had to say to the few Tesla short-sellers that remain:

The stock remains crazy dangerous. Stay away from it unless you’re a pro.

Montana Skeptic, Seeking Alpha

Even the godfather of $TSLAQ has to admit: No short-seller should touch this thing with a ten-foot pole.

From the looks of, Tesla short-sellers were eager to follow his advice:

Montana Skeptic has some advice for $TSLAQ: “The stock remains crazy dangerous. Stay away” @elonmusk @tesla

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3 thoughts on “Montana Skeptic Returns, Warns Tesla Short Sellers to “Stay Away”

  1. Do you think he actually feels guilty for all the people he and others like him duped into shorting tsla and then lost it all and then some? Probably not, probably just trying to cover his ass this time.

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