Autonomy Within Reach: Tesla Seeds 2019.40.2

A few select users running the old Nvidia hardware have started receiving the first seeds of Tesla software 2019.40.2. Tesla seems to be rapidly releasing minor features that will bring Autopilot to a feature complete state, and this update continues that trend with two new additions:

  1. Adjacent Lane Speed Adjustments
  2. Stop Sign Detection

Adjacent Lane Speed Adjustments

Autopilot sets its speed based on the max speed setting and how fast the car in front of it is traveling. If you’ve used the system much, you’ve probably encountered a situation where Autopilot is traveling much faster than the cars in a lane adjacent to you.

Now, Autopilot is smart enough to notice that cars in the adjacent lane are traveling slower than you, and will reduce its own speed for greater safety. If you don’t want your car to slow down, you can tap the accelerator without disengaging Autopilot to have your car continue forward past traffic.

Like traffic cones, deep rain and the new faster lane changes, this is a great little modification that is much needed before Navigate on Autopilot can be activated on city streets.

Stop Sign Warning

Several months ago, Autopilot began to detect traffic lights and started alerting users if it thought they were about to run a red light. This feature was launched in anticipation of a future feature that will actually stop the car when detecting a yellow or red light.

Now, the system will detect and alert when you are about to run a stop sign too. This is an exciting step forward, and expected given that Autopilot is supposed to be able to stop for traffic lights and stop signs within 4 – 8 weeks.

Feature Complete Autopilot is Close

With the increasing pace of improvements, all eyes are on the Autopilot team in anticipation of feature-complete autonomy. Will they be able to launch an Early Access release in 2019? Will it slip into 2020? Send your love to the entire Tesla team and pray for something good this Christmas. 🙏

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  1. It’s encouraging they are still able to add more advanced features like this to cars like mine running the older AP nvidia v2.5 hardware. Imagine what v3 will be able to do over time!

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