Autopilot will be Feature Complete This Month

It’s December 2019: The month Tesla Autopilot launches the first public beta of “feature complete” full self driving. We’ve already seen some steps towards feature complete status with more agressive lane changes this week, but Elon has suggested that Navigate on Autopilot on city streets could launch to Early Access this month:

It’s a kind of limited beta test, so there won’t be a bunch of Tesla vehicles driving around autonomously by the end of the year. Musk later clarified on the call that by “feature complete,” he means the car will be able to drive from someone’s home to their work without intervention.

The Verge

Last we heard, Musk said that they are still on track to ship the feature before the end of the year but “it will be close”. Given a standard Elon time conversion, “it will be close but we think we can ship it before the end of the year” means “if it ships this year it will be at 11:59 PM and 42 seconds on New Years Eve”.

Can’t wait!

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6 thoughts on “Autopilot will be Feature Complete This Month

  1. To be frank, “Elon Time” in terms of Autopilot rather suggests early access not before the middle of next year, and a broader release some time late next year… Let’s hope timing is better this time — but I certainly wouldn’t count on it.

    Having said that, once it *is* out in a broader release, it should improve very quickly, and could surpass Waymo within a year or so, i.e. maybe two years from now…

      1. I don’t know about that… Every major Autopilot feature I remember (truly usable v2; NoA; Smart Summon) took almost a year from the moment Elon first said it was weeks away, to the moment it actually became generally available… What makes you think it’s different this time?

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