Russ Mitchell Admits Model 3 is Awesome

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

There’s a lot to be thankful for, as $TSLAQ falls apart. We already heard that Jim Cramer is buying a Model X earlier this week.

Now, even renowned Tesla-hater journalist Russ Mitchell is forced to admit: The Model 3 is one of “the best driving cars ever. […] Congrats to Tesla!”

Love how the holidays can bring out the love in all of us. Happy thanksgiving to Russ and all the haters!


One thought on “Russ Mitchell Admits Model 3 is Awesome

  1. Funny how he still doesn’t seem to connect the awesomeness of the car with how the business is doing. He looks back at pinch points in the financials and ignores anything else in his analyses. I’d call that cognitive dissonance.

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