Commercial Truck Buyers Comment on Cybertruck

Hyperchange has a new video out about the Cybertruck, and it’s full of great stuff, but one moment in particular caught my attention.

In the video, Gali shares a comment he received from someone who maintains a fleet of commercial trucks:

I have a fleet of commercial vehicles. Maintenance is a HUGE expense. The Cybertruck will have minimal brake servicing, no oil changes / engine / transmission / exhaust / fuel system costs, won’t rust, won’t dent from every six-year-old opening the door of the car parked beside it, won’t need any painting, windshields won’t need replacement with every rock chip. Insurance claims and therefore premiums should get lower. With the promised million mile battery and similarly durable motors, te vehicle could be usable for 20 or 30 years. So depreciation goes way down. […]Employees who are biased against triangles will just have to suffer.

griffwand on YouTube

Who cares how it looks? If the numbers make sense, commercial customers will buy in.

Watch the full video on Hyperchange:

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