Tesla Deploys Mobile Supercharger Trucks for Holidays

During the holidays when everyone in California is traveling, it can be tougher than usual to find an open Supercharger stall to recharge your car. Tesla is accelerating the deployment of V3 chargers, but it looks like they’ve also developed a few other interesting soloutions to charging congestion as well:

What you’re seeing is a Tesla Megapack loaded onto a truck with a bunch of Supercharging hardware. Because the truck contains a battery that can power the Superchargers, this truck can be moved anywhere to instantly open up a Supercharging station.

This is a great idea, and something that’s surprising and exciting to see. Tesla continues to find synergies between their energy and automotive businesses. You can imagine this kind of temporary Supercharger setup being deployed to special events, music festivals, disaster areas, and anywhere else you need extra spot charging capacity on the fly.

Below is a video of a Tesla employee explaining the mobile Supercharging station. According to the representative, this mobile Supercharging site helped reduce hour long wait times in 2018 down to just a few minutes of waiting in 2019.

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