Jim Cramer Trolls Tesla Twitter as Wife Buys a Tesla

Everyone’s favorite hedge fund manager turned media personality Jim Cramer is shopping for a new car for his wife. They had to take a look at the Model X and Jim was impressed with what he saw. Of course, his wife Lisa demanded they order the car. Naturally, Jim saw it as a golden oppurtunity to troll Tesla Twitter.

Jim is no doubt familliar with the longstanding battle over Tesla and their stock taking place on Twitter. He’s taken major heat from Tesla bulls for saying Elon Musk should go to prison. He’s also taken heat from oversensitive Tesla bears anytime he has anything positive to say about the company.

Knowing fully well that his praise for Tesla would earn him a lot of hatred from the $TSLAQ crowd he facetiously played up his excitement, begging Tesla bulls to give him some credit for finally admitting the bull case:

Jim begged Tesla fans to remember this and leave him alone in the future:

He loved the car so much, he even decided to raise his Tesla price target:

Jim poked fun at the feverish excitement over Tesla, which has often been called “cult-like” by Tesla’s opponents, by pretending to have drunk the kool-aid himself:

Many people were likely confused by Cramer’s jokes about becoming a Tesla bull, so Cramer went on to explain that the whole thing was really just about his wife needing a new car:

Please welcome Jim Cramer to the Tesla family. Now that his family has a Model X, let’s see how his views on the company start to change. Hopefully he orders full self driving.

You can read more about this at CNBC.

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