Lawsuit Seeks $1.2 Billion from Ford for Falsified F-150 Fuel Economy Tests

In case you missed this story from June in the Detroit Free Press:

Drivers of the nation’s top-selling vehicle, the 2018 or 2019 Ford F-150 pickup, could be spending an extra $2,000 in fuel because Ford Motor Co. falsified fuel economy tests.

Detroit Free Press

Another great example of hiding costs outside the sticker price.

On Feb. 21, 2019, Ford said its employees, through an anonymous reporting process, had raised concerns about the way Ford calculated road loads, which are used to provide the Environmental Protection Agency with vehicle miles per gallon ranges.

According to the suit, plaintiffs conducted tests using EPA-mandated coastdown procedures and found that Ford overstated the fuel economy in its F-150 trucks by 15% for highway mileage and 10% for city mileage.

Detroit Free Press

This is why electric trucks will destroy the existing pickup market. These trucks are incredibly expensive, and get terribel fuel economy. When you have two trucks at the same price, but one doesn’t need gas… that’s not a fair contest.

Nobody buys a car and then just keeps it parked. You need to look at fuel and maintenance to get an idea of what it really costs the consumer to operate the car.

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2 thoughts on “Lawsuit Seeks $1.2 Billion from Ford for Falsified F-150 Fuel Economy Tests

  1. I wonder how the rate of subprime delinquencies in late model trucks compares to cars.

    It seems like trucks and separate entity auto financing arms are the very last place that GM/Ford/FCA are hiding…

    Scary times for these dinosaurs.

    1. They have now built a whole scam industry around subprime lending and repossession business. These subprime lendings have become very common now because they can fit a car with a GPS tracker and repossess it at will.

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