Consumer Reports Recommends Model 3

Consumer Reports is run by clowns, so I wouldn’t take anything they say too seriously. But they’re finally waking up to the reality:

Tesla Inc’s Model 3 and S sedans both regained “recommended” status in Consumer Reports magazine’s annual reliability survey, allowing the electric carmaker’s overall standing to rise slightly.


Realistically, if you take Consumer Reports’ advice and wait for their recommendations your life is going to suck.

Tesla’s ranking improved four spots to No. 23 out of 30 brands in the U.S. market


I think you might be holding your list upside down.

You know what’s unreliable? Internal combustion engines.

Reliability rankings tend to suffer when automakers offer new or redesigned models, which dragged down Volkswagen AG’s namesake and Audi brands. The VW brand slid nine spots to No. 27, while Audi fell seven spots to No. 14.


Consumer reports — drive an old piece of shit!

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2 thoughts on “Consumer Reports Recommends Model 3

  1. Yeah, I laughed when I read about CR re-reccomending Tesla again. Or is it again again? Anyway, CR sounds like a bunch of bean counters who weight paint defects as on part with crash safety.

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