These are the top 10 cars traded in for a Model 3

The latest part of Tom Randall’s Model 3 Survey is out, and as usual there are lots of interesting tidbits. In particular, I thought their list of top trade-in cars was interesting. Here’s the top 10:

  1. Toyota Prius –– Average $27,080
  2. BMW 3 Series –– Average $46,477
  3. Honda Accord –– Average $25,428
  4. Honda Civic –– Average $21,448
  5. Nissan Leaf –– Average $34,562
  6. Chevrolet Volt –– Average $34,251
  7. Toyota Camry –– Average $26,160
  8. Tesla Model S –– Average $95,000
  9. Mazda 3 –– Average $24,847
  10. Audi A4 –– Average $42,530

One interesting thing to me about this list is that the cars are all sedans. If you’re a person who buys sedans, you’re going to buy a sedan. If you’re an SUV person, you’re going to buy an SUV. If you’re a truck person you’re going to buy a truck.

This highlights the importance of expanding into the SUV and truck categories. You can make a really great car, but most people are going to stick with the category they want to buy. They may have practical reasons for needing the vehicle type they want, or maybe it’s just hard to change habits and preferences.

Read the full survey at Bloomberg

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