Mastodon is Back Online

The Mastadon server is now back online with enhanced security after a certain deranged lunatic wearing a purple shirt tried once again to cover up his crimes.

For those who don’t know, Mastadon is an open source federated Twitter alternative. Anyone can setup their own server, and send “toots” between anyone else who has Mastadon setup on any server. So it’s sort of like email where your handle would be something like @[email protected]

We’ll try running our own Mastadon server for this site for people who want to participate in short form discussion in a community that is well moderated and shielded from abuse. Shorts are of course stalking and monitoring us (since it is all public, and they are losers with nothing better to do), but we can at least kick them off our servers and not worry about their BS on a site where we’re in control.

I apologize for the downtime! I should have done it faster, but ended up getting busy with a few things…

You can also access Mastadon from a variety of apps, listed here.

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