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This week, Whole Mars is sponsored by ScentWedge. This is a product I love designed specifically for Tesla drivers, so I’m really excited to share it with everyone this week.

When you have a Tesla with a sleek minimalist interior, you don’t want to ruin it with one of those ugly hanging air fresheners you typically see in legacy auto cars. Besides, with Tesla acceleration I’d be worried about the air freshener snapping off and hitting me in the face. Tesla rethought everything about the car, so shouldn’t we rethink air fresheners too? That’s exactly what my friend Arash Malek, the founder of ScentWedge, has done with this product.

Tacky 😬
But ScentWedge… Sleek! Sexy! It’s like it’s not even there! Perfect for a Tesla.

As you can see from the photos above, ScentWedge slides right into the air vents on your Tesla. Pop it behind the steering wheel and you’ll never even notice it’s there. Arash, (who you may know as @MinimalDuck on Twitter, give him a follow), has taken the Tesla design philosophy and applied it to his own products: you get an invisible air freshener that smells great. If you love your Tesla, you’ll love this how this product keeps your car smelling as good as the day you picked it up.

Arash, like many Tesla fans, is an animal lover. His experience driving around in his Model 3 with a dog is what inspired him to create ScentWedge. He wanted his beautiful new Model 3 to smell fresh, even with man’s best friend enjoying the all-electric ride with him. If you’re a pet person, you’re going to love this product.

Personally, I’m loving The Discovery Set in my Model 3 right now. I’d recommend starting with that if you’re trying ScentWedge for the first time, or even if you’re restocking and want to try something new.

The Desk Wedge

Another really cool product they have is The Desk Wedge. This is a little table that fits into your Tesla steering wheel, creating a quick little office on the go. This is actually my favorite product from ScentWedge, and I keep one in my car. It’s small enough to fit in the center console storage area. DeskWedge is great for when you’re eating in the car, watching a movie on Netflix, and so many other use cases.

So huge shoutout to ScentWedge and Arash for sponsoring Whole Mars this week! Please go buy a ton of their products to support a great member of the Tesla community who, by the way, just got engaged. We all know how expensive weddings are, so let’s help a brother out with some sales!

Plus, ScentWedge is also the first sponsor I’m taking for Whole Mars, so I want it to be a big hit. If advertisers generate a huge ROI on my sponsorships by selling a ton of product, that will help me sell sponsorships so we can expand Whole Mars to provide you with even more great content, taking things to a whole new level. I have big plans for Whole Mars, but it will only work if we make some money. So please go buy a bunch of ScentWedge products! Honestly they’re not expensive and you’ll love them.

Wait, Whole Mars Sponsorships?

ScentWedge is the first sponsor for Whole Mars. The idea with sponsorships is to not just copy / paste some ad text but to actually write about and talk about the product in my own words. That means we can’t take products that completely suck — it has to be something that our readers will actually be interested in and that they won’t regret buying.

I built a little self-serve sponsorship portal at sponsor.wholemars.com. I just threw it together quickly and it’s still a work in progress, but it will allow you to buy a sponsorship slot on Whole Mars easily on your own. After reserving a time slot, I’ll contact you to discuss what you want to promote. If we decide it’s not a good fit for Whole Mars, you won’t be charged.

Sponsorship Portal

For the web sponsorship, I’ll talk about your product on this blog and on Twitter. For the podcast sponsorship, that covers YouTube, Twitter Spaces and other audio / video productions. Your product will be highlighted during its time slot, but if I like it I’ll keep talking about it even after.

The cost to reserve a time slot is $999. This price point was chosen because I don’t want to bombard people with sponsored posts every week. If too many people end up booking at $999, I may have to raise the price in the future. However, I’m going to offer a special promotion for anyone who buys an ad slot in the next week and DMs me the special promo code “TWOWEEKS”. With this promo code I will refund you 50% of the cost of any listing once the sponsored post runs, so you essentially get “two weeks” for the price of one or one week for just $499. This promotion is to celebrate the launch of the sponsorship platform and help kickstart the program so that we have a bunch of examples of sponsored posts to show to other advertisers. The promotion ends on February 26.

Finally, if you’re interested in setting up a sponsorship portal like this one to help monetize your own audience please let us know. We’re designing this sponsorship portal to be usable by other brands too. We’re working on getting Sawyer Merritt his own portal as well.

Some Stats

Here are some analytics we have, for those who are interested.

Our Twitter account generates billions of impressions a year, and growing. 7.5 million impressions per day. Our followers include a lot of influential people, a lot of Tesla drivers, people who are tech savvy, early adopters… a great set of people who you want to know about your products.

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