Alexei Navalny Publishes “Palace” From Jail

Have you been following this Alexei Navalny story? The Russian opposition leader and blogger was nearly assassinated by Russian FSB agents late last summer, as reported in December by Belingcat. (Be sure to check out that story too, it’s something else).

After tricking one of the men who tried to kill him into admitting it over the phone, what did Navalny do? Would you believe me if I told you that he had the balls to fly back to Russia from Germany, knowing he’d be arrested –– or worse –– immediately after arrival? Sure enough, Russia this week detained and then arrested Navalny the moment he landed. The rest of his travel companions, including his wife, were denied entry to Russia and told to return to where they came from.

Now, while imprisoned in Russia, Navalny has released one hell of a story. It’s rude and sarcastic towards Putin in a way that’s just not allowed in Russia in this day and age. It’s made up of four chapters, and worth a read if you’re not worried about Putin’s wrath. The story consists of research about Putin’s palace. You can read it here.

Navalny is playing a very dangerous game here, but you have to admire the courage. I hope the new administration incoming today will do whatever they can to make sure Navalny stays safe.

If you’re too lazy to read the whole story, Kevin Rothrock put together a great Twitter thread summarizing the whole thing:

Read The Palace

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