TSLA-Qanon Short Sellers Scream of Impending Disaster for Tesla in Europe

TSLA-Qanon short sellers, including the famed bear Jim Chanos, have warned that Tesla is at risk of falling behind in Europe. We here at Whole Mars disagree.

Later this year, Tesla will open Gigafactory Berlin — Tesla’s most advanced factory ever. Besides the obvious logistical benefits of producing cars on the European continent, Gigafactory Berlin introduces some incredible new groundbreaking technologies to the global market for the first time.

Gigafactory Berlin will be the first to build cars with Tesla’s revolutionary new 4680 cells, structural battery pack, and other new battery technologies detailed at Tesla’s Battery Day. In addition to improved battery technology, Berlin will be the first Tesla factory to launch the all new ColorLab paint shop.

Given the impending introduction of a much more advanced locally produced Model Y, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some Tesla customers wait for a locally produced vehicle before placing their orders. Even despite that, claiming that Tesla sales in Europe are weak requires some major mental gymnastics.

We expect the launch of Gigafactory Berlin to be transformative to the European auto market, much the same way Gigafactory Shanghai rocket-launched Tesla’s fortunes in China and the greater APAC region. We’re filing Jim Chanos’s proclamations of doom for claim chowder, and will check back on his prediction once the new 4680 Model Y has launched.

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