Tesla Offers Free FSD for 3 Months in End of Quarter Push

A few thoughts here:

Number one, they’re clearly very close to launching FSD subscriptions. Others have noticed that the “upgrades” section on the Tesla website has been updated to leave room for more subscriptions. I bet that it will coincide with the public release of FSD. Presumably end of quarter buyers will get FSD until the subscription starts.

Number two, it sounds like 500,000 is not in the bag yet. Do your part, go out and buy a car. If you can’t buy one, go sell someone one.

In addition, this is an amazing show of the power of software to help move metal.

Sucks for people who took delivery earlier in the month though. That actually includes me, but I’m not affected since I bought FSD anyway.

I’m guessing that pretty much everyone who tries FSD will end up buying it, so this promotion costs Tesla nothing. It will sell more cars and more FSD.

One thought on “Tesla Offers Free FSD for 3 Months in End of Quarter Push

  1. Hoping that the 500K is long over and they are going to show 510K or some other larger number delivered…
    We already have a Model Y with FSD and have the Cybertruck on order thus I won’t be running out and getting another one this week.

    Let’s see them crush the number!

    Please watch the Tesla Gigafactory Texas construction it’s very impressive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXS-0bm0FMg

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