Moron of the Year: Adam Jonas

We’re pleased to announce our first ever Whole Mars Moron of the Year for 2020.

On this year of Tesla’s S&P inclusion, we look back at Adam Jonas’s famous “Tesla Risk Reward Framework” that projected Tesla stock would either go to $500 or $10 by December 2020.

Well folks, December 2020 is here. And on a pre-split basis, Tesla stock is now priced at nearly $3,500 a share. Nice one Jonas.

Now, some may object to this award based on the fact that there were so many morons in 2020. However, Whole Mars reserves the right to name another Moron of the Year as needed.

Regardless, there’s no doubt that Jonas deserves applause and acclaim for this hilariously bad prediction. Not only was the projected range large enough to render the entire analysis meaningless, He was still off 7x – 350x.

Congratulations to Morgan Stanley, and to Adam!

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