Tesla Rolls Out FSD Beta Build 2020.48.10.1

The new build hit the streets around moon California time on Saturday. Getting closer to a public release… but will it happen before the end of 2020?

FSD is now being tested in at least 14 states:

4 thoughts on “Tesla Rolls Out FSD Beta Build 2020.48.10.1

    1. expected to hit Europe in 2021. they are talking with regulators but the comitee that makes the rules only meets every 6 months

      1. Maybe in Norway during 2021 but not in EU… we will be really lucky if we will see it even in 2022 in EU. The regulators have set the rules already for level 3 and they have zero “real world” connection….. they rules state things like, for level 3 it can only happen on roads with maximum 36mph AND with road divider to separate head on traffic…. these roads don’t even exist in Europe, we only have dividers on roads with speed over 42mph.

        If we will get any changes to rules during 2021 I personally think it would be that they would allow the car to make lane changes by itself on highway and this could then allow the car to also help the driver in emergency situations to avoid an accident. After this they could start to see “how much safer a car on autopilot is compared to a human driver”. And after this more FSD features could be released….. but on a second though, even 2022 is probably too optimistic then 😏

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