Nikola wins “worst company of the year” award

Congratulations Nikola! Finally, an achievement the entire company can be proud of. You’ve earned your place in the history books.

Nikola Motor Company (NKLA) is the worst company of the year, according to Yahoo Finance users, who chose the company in a poll. Nikola received almost five times more votes than the second-place company, with a plurality of 15% of the 1,582 responses.

Yahoo Finance

Nikola never ceases to impress.

Yahoo Finance users are disappointed, angry, and poorer

Many respondents were furious with the company for losing their money.

In 220 angry and disappointed responses, the word “fraud” appeared 74 times and “scam” 36 times.

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Only 74 times?

Nikola has strongly denied allegations of fraud. According to Bloomberg, the SEC is investigating Hindenburg’s claims about Nikola, and the Financial Times reportedthat the Justice Department has also launched a probe and then later subpoenaed Milton, which the company acknowledged in November.

Just 20% of Yahoo Finance users who chose Nikola as the worst company of the year said the company could redeem itself.

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25% of people are morons, so that sounds about right.

Nikola declined to comment to Yahoo Finance

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No acceptance speech?

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