Aaron Greenspan Threatens to File Another Lawsuit Fearing Publication of Story

Here at Whole Mars, we’re gearing to finally publish the Aaron Greenspan story –– a 10 part series that will document years of harassment and criminal activity by Aaron Greenspan. Naturally, Greenspan is very very scared. Make sure you subscribe for updates as each chapter is published.

Today, Aaron Greenspan sent a series of threatening emails warning that “this will need to be handled somehow” and threatened to file another lawsuit while waiting to hear whether the first one would be dismissed or stricken under California’s anti-SLAPP law.

We’ve taken great risk to document the fact that Aaron Jacob Greenspan is an extremely dangerous individual. He is a ruthless and pernicious liar, who likely suffers from narcissistic personality disorder.

Greenspan has also admitted to anger issues that are completely out of control, driving him to seek revenge for even small or imagined slights. He has stated publicly that “When I get angry, I like to do something about it”.

Well Aaron, for once try getting angry and not doing something about it. Try not retaliating every time someone calls you out while you ruthlessly smear others for money. You’re on the road to destroying your own life, just as you did when houseSYSTEM was shut down for stealing students’ login information, or when FaceCash was shut down for violating financial regulations. If you continue on the path you’re on without apologizing and making a major change, soon you will run Think Computer and the Think Computer Foundation into the ground too.

Don’t say nobody warned you.

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    1. He is a disgrace to Harvard. Larry Summers should have thrown this mentally deranged nut out of Harvard. That would have been the best thing for the entire society.

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