Tesla Navigation Waypoints Feature Revealed by Green

This afternoon on Twitter, Tesla hacker @greentheonly has revealed an early version of the Tesla navigation waypoints UI. Waypoints have been a long-requested feature that would allow users to enter multiple destinations, and have their Tesla route between them with the anticipated battery charge level at each stop.

Tesla’s navigation system has supported multiple destinations for years, but only with regard to trips with multiple supercharger stops. Now, it appears users will be able to route between multiple destinations with any address. The navigation menu appears to change to display the text “Add Waypoint” when an existing destination has already been entered.

It’s all about FSD

This is a great feature for daily use, but it really shines with FSD. In fact, I think FSD is probably the reason Tesla has finally caved and decided to give this to us.

One important use case is a shared taxi with multiple drop-offs. You wouldn’t want to pick someone up if adding them to the car would make it impossible to get the last person to their destination with enough charge to spare, right? Waypoint navigation is key to enable that functionality.

In my experience using the FSD beta, one thing I’ve really wanted is the ability to have a queue of destinations that my car can automatically takes me through. Often I am out running errands and need to make multiple stops, and with FSD handling almost all driving tasks pretty much the only thing left for me to do is enter the new addresses when I get to each stop. This means you have to remember all the places you need to go, and maybe write it down so you don’t forget anything. You also have to figure out the best order to hit all of those destinations yourself.

With this new functionality, you should be able to punch in all your errands in advance and then just activate FSD. Your car will take you everywhere you need to go, and then take you back home.

Give it to me now!

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