Zoox Founder Has a New Self-Driving Startup

Remember that guy who co-founded Zoox and then got fired a year before they sold to Amazon? No? Well, he has a new self-driving startup that’s probably funded by that Bezos money he got out of Zoox’s exit.

Early-stage HYPR, created by Zoox co-founder Tim Kentley Klay, says it’s using reinforcement learning, a branch of machine learning that utilizes a reward-based approach, to train driving algorithms dynamically–ideally with no need for direct human instruction or supervision. The Alameda, California-based startup has raised a $10 million seed round and begun testing its approach with a modified Daimler Smart Car. Backers include R7 Ventures and Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest


Good luck to both Zoox and HYPR on solving a nearly impossible tech & business problem.

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