Victoria, Australia Adds Fines for Blocking EV Chargers

Nothing is worse than when you need to use a charger, only to find that it’s being blocked by a gas car looking for an easy parking space. New rules in Victoria, Australia hope to change that:

Drivers who block electric vehicle chargers in Victoria will be fined under new road rules. 

Non-electric vehicles, or electric cars that aren’t plugged in to the charger, face fines of $330.44 for “stopping in a parking area for electric-powered vehicles”. 

The rules are designed to stop electric vehicle chargers, which are sparse in some parts of Australia, from being blocked by drivers looking for a convenient spot to park their internal-combustion vehicle. 

Similar rules have been implemented in American states such as Colorado to prevent what’s known as ICEing. 


I expect this to become standard worldwide as electric vehicles expand in most major auto markets.

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