Martin Tripp to Pay $420,000 to Settle Tesla Case

Tesla’s long legal battle with Martin Tripp is finally over:

A former Tesla Inc. employee who locked horns with Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has agreed to pay the company $400,000 […]

The payment is part of a proposed settlement of a lawsuit Tesla filed in 2018 that accused Martin Tripp of illegally divulging trade secrets about the production of Tesla’s Model 3.

As part of the accord, Tripp admitted to violating trade secret laws and confidentiality agreements and promised to pay Tesla $25,000 for continuing to reveal information about the company, despite being ordered to stop by a judge.


Okay, so it was $425,000 but let’s just round down a little bit.

This is a very sad situation. Martin Tripp was a victim here almost as much as Tesla was. He was tricked and used by Tesla short-sellers known as “TSLAQ”, who promised to make him rich if he would help them. Tesla short-sellers even provided legal funding to Tripp that prolonged and complicated the conflict, which Tripp finally admitted today as part of the settlement. TSLAQ ruined Tripp’s life to try and make money for themselves, just as they have done to so many others (including me). To make matters worse, after all the people they hurt they still lost billions of dollars. It’s time to hold the leaders of this short and distort fraud accountable for all the damage they’ve done.

Recently Martin Tripp has been working with Aaron Jacob Greenspan to threaten, harass, and doxx Tesla customers. He also has a history of making threats against Tesla, and even faces allegations of abuse by his own step-son. For these reasons and more, many Tesla customers and fans likely view what he did very negatively. However, Scott actually talked to Tripp on Twitter a while back (before he started threatening us) and I think he can be a very decent person when he chooses to be. He just got caught up in a messy short and distort campaign that manipulated him for their own benefit, and that’s a tragedy. Now that this is over, we should all grant Tripp some peace and let everyone involved put this unfortunate incident behind them.

I hope this serves as a warning to Aaron Greenspan and others who break the law on behalf of TSLAQ. The consequences Aaron Greenspan and the Think Computer Foundation are facing will make Martin Tripp’s settlement look like lunch money.

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