FSD Beta 5 Videos

Tesla released a new FSD Beta a few days ago, version 2020.44.15.3.

I recorded a few videos using the new software. Each video has a sped up version with music (because watching a drive at 1x is kind of boring), but I also uploaded the raw footage for people who want to look at every little detail. Check it out:

Laurel Canyon

My favorite was this drive through Laurel Canyon. I definitely didn’t expect the software to be able to handle a challenging area like this so well. There’s lots of little problems remaining, but the foundations of this software are extremely strong.

Palos Verdes

Here is FSD navigating through Palos Verdes.

Redondo Beach to Manhattan Beach

Here’s FSD driving from Redondo Beach to Manhattan Beach.

Rodeo Drive to Third Street Promenade

Here’s FSD driving from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica at night.

This software is going to change everything about the way we live.

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