Tesla Deploys Mobile Supercharger Trucks for Holidays

During the holidays when everyone in California is traveling, it can be tougher than usual to find an open Supercharger stall to recharge your car. Tesla is accelerating the deployment of V3 chargers, but it looks like they’ve also developed a few other interesting soloutions to charging congestion as well: What you’re seeing is a […]

BMW Cuts Bonuses to Save for EV Transition

New from Christoph Rauwald on Bloomberg: BMW AG will slash bonus payments and expand working hours for some employees in Germany as the luxury-car maker grapples with the costly shift to electric and self-driving vehicles. Bloomberg Costly? I thought they would fund the transition with all their profits on polluting cars? While BMW’s efforts lack the bite […]

Air Pollution Damages the Brain

In case anyone needed another reason not to drive a gas car: Long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with lower scores on tests of mental acuity, researchers have found. And one reason may be that air pollution causes changes in brain structure that resemble those of Alzheimer’s disease. The New York Times Alzheimer’s Shmalzheimers! […]

Gali thinks Model Y Deliveries Could Begin This Year

Check out this new Hyperchange video. Gali got a tip from a Patreon supporter: apparently, someone’s Tesla delivery advisor said they were going to be delivering a few Model Ys before the end of the year. In their Q3 2019 update letter, Tesla said “Model Y ahead of schedule, production expected by summer 2020”. A […]

Bloomberg: Rich Californians Spend $30k+ to Avoid Blackouts

A new trend is sweeping California: As Californians face years of intentional blackouts — a strategy by the state’s utilities to prevent wildfires — homeowners are rushing to find alternative sources of power to keep the lights on. Last month’s outages, in particular, swept across affluent areas just outside of San Francisco, hitting people who […]

Forbes: Audi to Cut 9,500 Jobs To Fund EV Shift

Who will fund the shift to electric vehicles? Today, Volkswagen annouced that nearly 10,000 Audi workers will help pay for the transition –– with their jobs: German carmaker Audi has revealed it will cut 9,500 of its 61,000 jobs in Germany by 2025 to free up funds to invest in electric vehicles. Forbes Yikes. That’s […]

Jim Cramer Trolls Tesla Twitter as Wife Buys a Tesla

Everyone’s favorite hedge fund manager turned media personality Jim Cramer is shopping for a new car for his wife. They had to take a look at the Model X and Jim was impressed with what he saw. Of course, his wife Lisa demanded they order the car. Naturally, Jim saw it as a golden oppurtunity […]

Teslarati: Top 10 Cybertruck hidden features you may have missed

Great roundup by Simon Alvarez over at Teslarati. They even caught a few things that I missed, and I thought I was paying attention. Fortunately, some of these hidden features have been spotted by the Tesla community, thanks to photographs and videos of the vehicle taken during the unveiling event, as well as images that were released […]

Back to the Future Easter Egg Found While Analyzing Cybertruck Drag

The folks over at Tesmanian noticed a funny little coincidence: Justin W. Martin, who designs and engineers flying machines, may have found a little Easter Egg for those who wanted to test the aerodynamics of the Cybertruck. According to the engineer, when the all-electric pickup truck travels as 65 mph, the local velocity over the […]

Cybertruck is a $100 Call Option on an Autonomous Future

If you’re like most people, your first reaction when you saw the Tesla Cybertruck was something like: “What on Earth is that? Is that supposed to be a truck, or a joke? Who would order something like that?” By the time you’re done reading this you’ll understand why ordering a Cybertruck right now is a […]