U.S. To Test Mirrorless Side Camera System for Cars

Interesting story from August on Reuters: e U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to test how drivers could use cameras to replace traditional rearview mirrors in automobiles, a technology already allowed in other countries, the agency said on Tuesday. Reuters Cars like the Audi étron have this sytem in Europe, but it’s not allowed […]

Cybertruck Could Beat Model 3 First Week Pre-orders

One week after Tesla unveiled the Model 3, the company collected 325,000 reservations: Tesla Motors Inc. said it has received more than 325,000 reservations for the Model 3, far exceeding its expectations as customers line up to pre-order the $35,000 electric car more than a year ahead of when the more-affordable model is slated to […]

Cold Rolled Steel: What’s the difference

Tesla’s Cybertruck and SpaceX’s Starship will be made of a special alloy of cold rolled stainless steel. A lot of people don’t know what the difference is between hot and cold rolled steel. Luckily, Jordan Smith is here to explain the difference in this YouTube video: Via Reddit

V3 Supercharging Now Available in Kettleman City, California

16 V3 Supercharging stalls are now open in Kettleman City, California. The station has 40 stalls, so only some are enabled for faster 250 kw charging. The new chargers are labeled “250 kw” along the north wall of the station. The Kettleman City supercharging station halfway between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley features solar panels […]

Tesla Generates $12 Billion on 200,000 Cybertruck Pre-orders

Elon Musk has just announced that Tesla has sold 146,000 Cybertrucks: Based on the product mix Elon cited, and assuming a 50% FSD mix, Tesla generated just under $9 billion in revenue based on these orders. Tesla generated $25 billion over the last 12 months. Of course these are just pre-orders that required a $100 […]

Top 5 Most Significant Cybertruck Surprises

We’ve now seen the Cybertruck, and the world is still trying to reassemble the pieces their brains while trying to process what they just saw. Public Reaction The knee jerk reaction to this event seems to be two things: WTF? Is that a truck? It looks bizare… Did the guy who desiged the truck just […]

Motortrend: How Tesla’s Cybertruck Turns Auto Manufacturing Upside-Down

Motor Trend makes some interesting points regarding the stainless steel design of the Tesla Cybertruck: The plusses for a folded stainless steel, origami truck are compelling: no paint shop and no expensive tooling. No Godzilla-scale stamping machines stomping it with multiple strikes. Without all that, the capital and environmental costs of using stainless steel body […]

Quick Comparison: Electric Pickup Specs

Now that we’ve seen the specs for the Tesla Cybertruck, let’s compare the specs of all the major electric pickup trucks that have specs announced. Bolinger B2: Range: 200 miles Price: Starting at $125,000 Towing Capacity: 7,500 lbs 0 – 60: 4.5 seconds Top Speed: 100 mph Ground Clearance: 15 inches Wheelbase: 139 inches Length: […]