New Software Update at Jaguar Dealerships Extends Range

Fred has some good news for I-Pace owners: Software enhancements will be provided free of charge and will deliver up to 8% range improvement. Jaguar, via Electrek Alright! That’s what I’m talking about Jaguar! This should bring the $70,000 I-Pace’s range from 234 miles to around 250 –– in line with the $40,000 base Model […]

Jim Chanos Defends Short Selling

After Elon Musk tweeted that “short selling should be illegal”, famous short seller and $TSLAQ leader Jim Chanos took to Twitter to respond. According to Chanos, selling airline tickets and Full Self Driving packages are examples of short selling. Gotcha Elon! Of course, this justification makes absolutely no sense. Selling a plane ticket is just […]

Tesmanian Products on Amazon

Our favorite Tesla China expert, Vincent with a bunch of numbers after his name, has started making Tesla accessories under the Tesmanian brand. Right now they have floor mats and trunk mats that are perfectly fitted to the Model 3. If you need all-weather mats, they’re definitely worth checking out. Shop for Tesmanian Products on […]

Brand New Redesigned Mast App Launches for iOS

If you haven’t read about Mastodon, you should join –– it’s an open source distributed alternative to Twitter based on the ActivityPub W3C standard. It’s like a cool, open, federated Twitter with no trolls allowed because every server can take charge of moderating their own community in a common sense way. We have our own […]

John Gruber on Alphabet

John Gruber has a great take on yesterday’s Alphabet news: This whole “Alphabet” thing is a joke. I still don’t get what they’re even trying for with it. The company is Google and we all know it. The subsidiary owns the parent and everyone knows it. No one is fooled by this. Nothing has changed […]