Thank you for saving me, Tesla community

Today I have to write a thank you note that is long overdue, and that I’ve meaning to write for a long time. To everyone who has helped and supported me against years of threats and attacks from Aaron Greenspan and his fraudulent “charity” the Think Computer Foundation, I can’t tell you how much I […]

Catch Me on the Inside Transporation Podcast

Earlier today I had at chat with Johan Moreno over at for the Inside Transportation Podcast. It was a lot of fun. We talked about the Autonomous Electric Vehicle (AEV) revolution, and a little bit about the Nikola trip too. If you’re interested in the future of transportation, make sure to go subscribe to […]

Tesla’s Toxic Blogger Problem

Oh the taste of your lips i’m on a ride. You’re toxic i’m slipping under Britney Spears Does Tesla have a serious toxic blogger problem? I think the answer is yes. Just kidding. this is just a clickbait post. Made ya look

Response to Some Moron on Nikola

Someone wrote a stupid article recommending Nikola stock, so here’s my response. On one hand I feel like I probably shouldn’t be wasting my time on this, but on the other hand somebody’s gotta do it. Here’s the title of the article: Don’t Bet Against Innovation and Nikola Motors Nikola stock will ride innovation to […]

Read Tesla’s Lawsuit against Rivian

While everyone was distracted by Tesla’s Q2 results, a surprising little piece of news slipped out: Tesla is suing Rivian, as of the 17th of July. Rivian is one of the most promising EV startups with products that seem very compelling, so it’s disappointing to see Tesla suing them. It certainly doesn’t fit perfectly with […]