Russ Mitchell Admits Model 3 is Awesome

Happy thanksgiving everyone! There’s a lot to be thankful for, as $TSLAQ falls apart. We already heard that Jim Cramer is buying a Model X earlier this week. Now, even renowned Tesla-hater journalist Russ Mitchell is forced to admit: The Model 3 is one of “the best driving cars ever. […] Congrats to Tesla!” Not […]

Bloomberg Journalist Tom Randall Added to $TSLAQ Block List

A group of Tesla short sellers maintains a shared block list of anyone who tweets positive things about $TSLA. Today I was added to it for posting a summary of today's terminal news. Creating a bulletproof echo chamber seems like unwise investing strategy🤷‍♂️ — Tom Randall (@tsrandall) November 6, 2019 The $TSLAQ block list, maintained […]