Unsworth Attorney Lin Wood Farts Publicly; $TSLAQ Shits Pants

Vernon Unsworth’s Attorney Lin Wood delivered a pretty amazing statement yesterday: Yes, that’s right. Lin Wood, who offered to represent Unsworth for free, has given up and admitted defeat. Bravo to Lin for doing the respectable and gracious thing. Tesla short-sellers were counting on Wood to destroy Tesla once and for all. This was supposed […]

Jim Chanos Defends Short Selling

After Elon Musk tweeted that “short selling should be illegal”, famous short seller and $TSLAQ leader Jim Chanos took to Twitter to respond. According to Chanos, selling airline tickets and Full Self Driving packages are examples of short selling. Gotcha Elon! Of course, this justification makes absolutely no sense. Selling a plane ticket is just […]

Jim Chanos Not Amused at Gigafactory Progress; Blocks Account He Condecendingly Subtweeted Last Year

It all started in February, when famed short-seller Jim Chanos subtweeted Twitter user Domenick commenting on the progress of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory. Chanos tweeted with a smug sense of superiority, as is usual for $TSLAQ accounts. Through his mocking and condecending tone he declared: We are smarter than you. We understand the auto industry, and […]

Russ Mitchell Admits Model 3 is Awesome

Happy thanksgiving everyone! There’s a lot to be thankful for, as $TSLAQ falls apart. We already heard that Jim Cramer is buying a Model X earlier this week. Now, even renowned Tesla-hater journalist Russ Mitchell is forced to admit: The Model 3 is one of “the best driving cars ever. […] Congrats to Tesla!” Not […]