Auto News Interviews Herbert Diess

Herbert Diess made a few interesting comments in his latest interview: VW is moving toward battery-powered electromobility more resolutely than other long-established automakers. Why? You have to do it consistently if you want traffic to become CO2-free. If you don’t develop combustion and electric vehicles on the same platform, the electric cars will be really […]

Mercedes says eSprinter Van is Too Shitty for the United States

There’s been a lot of excitement around Mercedes recently launched EV Sprinter Van in Europe, but Mercedes has decided that it is too shitty to launch in the United States for now. Mercedes has decided not to offer the eSprinter in the U.S. because safety specifications and other performance requirements cannot be sufficiently met. Automotive […]

GM Recalling 69,000 Bolts for Fire Risk… Niiiiice

Here’s the latest today from Ben Klayman and David Shepardson at Reuters: General Motors Co GM.N said on Friday it was recalling 68,677 electric cars worldwide that pose a fire risk after five reported fires and two minor injuries. Reuters Kudos to the Reuters editorial staff for deciding to round the headline up. The recall is for […]

Volkswagen Shits the Bed on Emissions Targets Again

Volkswagen loves to give big fancy speeches about their transition to electric vehicles, but can they actually meet their European emissions targets? In a word, no. Volkswagen Group expects to be fined by the European Union this year for failing to achieve its CO2-reduction target for its new-car fleet — despite the automaker’s deal to […]

Waymo to Volvo: “We need more partners”

Hey, whatever happened to Waymo? Weren’t they supposed to launch an autonomous robotaxi service worldwide or something? Well if you’ve been wondering you’re in luck. They’ve just announced a partnership with Volvo: On the path to building the World’s Most Experienced Driver, we partner with some of the world’s largest automakers to realize our mission […]

BMW and Daimler Announce They’ve Shit the Bed in Autonomy Partnership

If you’re following the autonomy race closely, you’ve probably already heard that BMW and Daimler released a joint statement ending their autonomy partnership yesterday. The memo was one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while, because it sums up the state of autonomy software at legacy automakers so well. I wanted to pick […]