Inside the deal to build Gigafactory Berlin

Bloomberg has a very interesting story about the negotiations between Tesla and local governments over the location of the European Gigafactory: Fresh from his experience building a factory in China, Musk had a demand that was as clear as it was hard to execute for notoriously bureaucratic Germans: to build the site as swiftly as the one […]

Tesla secures permit for Gigafactory Shanghai

With all the talk of Gigafactory Berlin, its sibling Gigfactory in Shanghai may have gotten a little jealous for attention. Tesla Inc. won permission to start mass production at its China factory, clearing one of the last hurdles to begin selling locally built cars in the world’s largest electric-vehicle market. Bloomberg Permits secured baby 😎 […]

Dissecting Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin Anouncement

Today at Das Goldene Lenkard, the German new car-model award ceremony, Tesla made a surprise announcement: the location for the European Gigafactory will be in the Berlin area. Leaving aside the announcement itself, the video of the ceremony itself feels surprising and historic in a lot of ways –– so let’s pick it apart together […]