TSLA-Qanon Short Sellers Scream of Impending Disaster for Tesla in Europe

Others are beginning to notice this as well. $TSLA is now well behind the OEM ICE “dinosaurs” in the largest global EV market. This isn’t supposed to be happening. https://t.co/BphM2HUjk4 — Diogenes (@WallStCynic) January 15, 2021 TSLA-Qanon short sellers, including the famed bear Jim Chanos, have warned that Tesla is at risk of falling behind […]

Snowfall over Gigafactory Berlin

Last year, Gigafactory Shanghai ignited Tesla’s growth and allowed them to capitalize on the fast growing Chinese EV market in a way that just wasn’t possible before. Now, we’re about to see the same thing happen in Berlin with the construction of Tesla’s new European factory moving insanely quickly. But Berlin is an even bigger […]