Tesla’s Toxic Blogger Problem

Oh the taste of your lips i’m on a ride. You’re toxic i’m slipping under Britney Spears Does Tesla have a serious toxic blogger problem? I think the answer is yes. Just kidding. this is just a clickbait post. Made ya look

Tesla Quietly Launches First Car Sharing Features in U.S.

After a redesigned Tesla account page launched in the United States, Tesla drivers started to notice some new functionality. In addition to being able to purchase all vehicle upgrades online, Tesla also added a way to share any car on your account with up to 5 other drivers. This is a small feature, but hints […]

Stanford votes against oil divestment, fearing retaliation

Ben Franta, a Stanford PhD student, has some unfortunate news for us on Twitter. This morning, Ben attended a meeting of the Stanford University faculty senate as they prepared to vote on whether they would recommend divestment from fossil fuels to the board of trustees. Surprisingly, “They voted overwhelmingly to *keep* investing in fossil [fuel]s”. […]

France Raises Pollution Taxes on SUVs and Trucks to $22,240

Ania Nussbaum reports from France: France is taking aim at SUVs by raising a tax on heavier and more polluting vehicles, a measure that comes on top of tough new European rules being phased in next year to lower car emissions. Under a law adopted by parliament this week, cars emitting carbon dioxide above a certain threshold […]

FSD Early Access will Require FSD Computer

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed today that the early access release of full self driving hitting the streets in the next few days will require hardware 3: Yes — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 21, 2019 Tesla service centers have already begun upgrading cars that have purchased the FSD package.

Tesmanian Products on Amazon

Our favorite Tesla China expert, Vincent with a bunch of numbers after his name, has started making Tesla accessories under the Tesmanian brand. Right now they have floor mats and trunk mats that are perfectly fitted to the Model 3. If you need all-weather mats, they’re definitely worth checking out. Shop for Tesmanian Products on […]