Auto News Interviews Herbert Diess

Herbert Diess made a few interesting comments in his latest interview: VW is moving toward battery-powered electromobility more resolutely than other long-established automakers. Why? You have to do it consistently if you want traffic to become CO2-free. If you don’t develop combustion and electric vehicles on the same platform, the electric cars will be really […]

Volkswagen Shits the Bed on Emissions Targets Again

Volkswagen loves to give big fancy speeches about their transition to electric vehicles, but can they actually meet their European emissions targets? In a word, no. Volkswagen Group expects to be fined by the European Union this year for failing to achieve its CO2-reduction target for its new-car fleet — despite the automaker’s deal to […]

Diess on Thin Ice

As much as Volkswagen tried to make Diess’s new role look like “a normal part of the brand’s evolution”, it’s been clear to pretty much everyone watching that there’s a lot of drama going on behind the scenes of Germany’s largest automaker. Christiaan Hetzner spills the tea for a story in Automotive News titled “Diess […]

Volkswagen finalizes investment in Ford’s Argo AI one year later

Remember Argo AI, the self-driving startup Ford invested in? No? Well, look at the picture at the top of this post, that’s their car wearing the ugly LIDAR hat. Those who have been following the autonomy horse race closely may remember that Volkswagen announced they would invest in Argo about a year ago. Good news: […]

Musical Chairs as Volkswagen Flails

Although Volkswagen Group has announced a bold plan to transition all of their vehicles to electric drivetrains, bending reality to fit that plan is another story altogether. As the transition faces setbacks, German Publication “Auto Motor Und Sport” reports that Volkswagen Group executives could be getting ready for a little a game of musical chairs: […]

Porsche blames delay in Taycan’s U.S. Rollout on virus

Urvaksh Karkaria has the latest on the Taycan’s American launch: The coronavirus pandemic has complicated Porsche’s rollout of a “milestone” model in the U.S. Automotive News Who could have seen this coming? I’m shocked. If it hadn’t been for that meddling virus, everyone would be driving a Taycan by now! Gosh darnit!!! Deliveries here of Porsche’s […]

SEC Investigating Whether BMW Faked Sales

William Boston in Berlin and Mike Colias in Detroit bring news of fraud in a story for the Wall Street Journal: The Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an investigation into whether German luxury car maker Bayerische Motoren Werke AG manipulated sales figures, according to people familiar with the matter. The Wall Street Journal Fraud? The regulator is […]

Volkswagen ID.3 Delayed after “Massive Software Problems”

In a shocking turn of events that nobody could have seen coming, the Volkswagen ID.3’s Europe-only launch will be delayed:  The compact car has been in production since the beginning of November , but according to a media report, the developers are still struggling “with massive software problems”. So… they’re already making the cars but the […]