Tesla to Begin Building Superchargers in China

This should help speed up the rollout of new Supercharger locations in China: Tesla Inc. plans to start manufacturing EV chargers in China in 2021, according to a document submitted to the Shanghai authorities by the U.S. automaker that is seeking to expand sales in the world’s biggest car market. Tesla, which now sells its […]

Auto News Interviews Herbert Diess

Herbert Diess made a few interesting comments in his latest interview: VW is moving toward battery-powered electromobility more resolutely than other long-established automakers. Why? You have to do it consistently if you want traffic to become CO2-free. If you don’t develop combustion and electric vehicles on the same platform, the electric cars will be really […]

Simon Watkins: Aramco IPO Cost the Kingdom Billions

For those who enjoy the schadenfreude of watching the oil industry cope with the transition to renewable energy, you’re going to have to read this piece from Simon Watkins on OilPrice.com: The initial public offering (IPO) of Saudi Aramco that was heralded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) as being a showcase flotation for […]

Britain to Ban Sale of New Petrol Cars by 2030

Remember when Britain promised to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035? No? Well, now they’re moving that date up to 2030. Much better. As EV technology continues to advance and deployments roll out faster than anticipated, expect to see this kind of thing happening more and more places. “Success will […]

Why Transitioning to Renewables isn’t as Hard as it Sounds

Bloomberg published an interesting analysis on why “We’re Not as Addicted to Fossil Fuels as You Think“. Basically the gist of it is that when you look at amount of energy consumed worldwide, it looks like a really huge number to completely replace with renewable energy sources like solar and wind. But what isn’t immediately […]

Mercedes says eSprinter Van is Too Shitty for the United States

There’s been a lot of excitement around Mercedes recently launched EV Sprinter Van in Europe, but Mercedes has decided that it is too shitty to launch in the United States for now. Mercedes has decided not to offer the eSprinter in the U.S. because safety specifications and other performance requirements cannot be sufficiently met. Automotive […]

Volkswagen Shits the Bed on Emissions Targets Again

Volkswagen loves to give big fancy speeches about their transition to electric vehicles, but can they actually meet their European emissions targets? In a word, no. Volkswagen Group expects to be fined by the European Union this year for failing to achieve its CO2-reduction target for its new-car fleet — despite the automaker’s deal to […]