Pandemic Helps Oil Cartel Consolidate Market

Kevin Crowley, David Wethe, and Sheela Tobben have an interesting story out on Bloomberg this weekend about how the pandemic has killed U.S. shale oil producers and consolidated control of global oil markets in the hands of OPEC: “In the future, certainly we believe OPEC will be the swing producer — really, totally in control of […]

Lex Fridman is Thinking of Getting a Tesla

Convince him to do it. Bro you’re the AI researcher talking about @elonmusk all time and you’re not whippin on Auotpilot yet? Cmon, Tesla purchase way overdue fam — Gali (@Gfilche) November 28, 2020 Do it. It’s a purchase you’ll never ever regret & that will give you joy every single day. Usually, excitement fades […]

NRA Admits Tax Fraud

The NRA, which is a non-profit, has finally admitted to allegations of tax fraud: After years of denying allegations of lax financial oversight, the National Rifle Association has made a stunning declaration in a new tax filing: Current and former executives used the nonprofit group’s money for personal benefit and enrichment. Washington Post Now just […]

FSD Beta 5 Videos

Tesla released a new FSD Beta a few days ago, version 2020.44.15.3. I recorded a few videos using the new software. Each video has a sped up version with music (because watching a drive at 1x is kind of boring), but I also uploaded the raw footage for people who want to look at every […]

Rest in Peace, Tony Hsieh

Extremely sad news tonight. Zappos Founder Tony Hsieh has passed away after reportedly being injured in a house fire. Besides building an insanely customer-focused business at Zappos, which was acquired by Amazon, Hsieh was the face of revitalization for Downtown Last Vegas. He was only 46 years old. Read more at Newsweek Tragic loss of […]

J.P. Morgan Chase Realizes the Badger Ain’t Happening

Mike Wayland at CNBC brings us some truly shocking news: JPMorgan is “skeptical” about Nikola finalizing a deal with General Motors to produce an electric pickup truck called the Badger for the embattled vehicle start-up. CNBC Gee, I wonder what could have happened to give them doubts about the Badger. Maybe they saw Nikola’s CEO on Mad Money. Instead, […]

Tesla to Begin Building Superchargers in China

This should help speed up the rollout of new Supercharger locations in China: Tesla Inc. plans to start manufacturing EV chargers in China in 2021, according to a document submitted to the Shanghai authorities by the U.S. automaker that is seeking to expand sales in the world’s biggest car market. Tesla, which now sells its […]