Zoox “explores new opportunities”

Since its founding six years ago, self-driving startup Zoox has devoted its efforts exclusively to creating a brand-new, bespoke people mover. But amid the current pandemic, the company has explored the possibility of using its prototypes for package deliveries.  Automotive News Translation: If we don’t raise capital or sell the company soon, Zoox is going […]

Battered oil markets face threat from electric vehicles

Matthew Green and Simon Jessop have a great story at Reuters about the future of the global oil market: Oil companies may be facing uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic triggers a collapse in demand for their products, but auto makers are betting the crisis will help accelerate an electric future. Reuters This is a little […]

Reuters Spills the Beans on Battery Day

Well, Battery Day keeps getting pushed out. For all the people dying to hear Tesla’s plan to scale battery production from tens to thousands of GWh a year, this is pretty lame. Luckily, Norihiko Shirouzu and Paul Lienert have an amazing exclusive over at Reuters that might help connect some dots for us ahead of […]

Response to Frederic

My name is Omar Qazi, and I called Frederic Lambert a “complete piece of shit”. Do I regret my choice of words and choice of venue? Yes, very much so. I apologize sincerely to Frederic, and to my podcast team. But what can I say? At the time, it came from the heart. I own […]