WSJ: Elon Musk’s Cybertruck is a Stroke of Genius

The Wall Street Journal received some nice letters after their story about Tesla launching the Cybertruck with no market research. They published a few of the more interesting ones today: Thank god Elon Musk didn’t do any market research before creating Tesla’s Cybertruck. I hate everything about American pickup trucks, particularly the  stultifying sameness—except in […]

Where to Park your Cybertruck (or other Robotaxi)

One thing I’ve been hearing a lot from people who are thinking about Cybertruck is concern over where to park it, or whether the large truck will fit in their garage. This is more of an issue for EVs than gas-powered cars, as having a charger where you park at night can make your life […]

Cybertruck Tax Benefits for U.S. Businesses

If you’re running a business and paying taxes in the United States of America, you may be able to get a big discount on Cybertruck –– as long as you’re using the truck at least 50% for business use. Special Tax Deductions for Cybertruck Every business in America pays between 21% (if you’re a corporation) […]

6 Reasons Why Cybertruck’s Design Looks Genius 1 Week Later

When Tesla unveiled the design of their Cybertruck last week, a lot of people thought it was a joke. The truck looked so minimal, composed of a small number of flat planes, that many immediately assumed the design was thoughtless and child-like in its simplicity. Barrons summarized this sentiment nicely: Elon Musk tweet[ed] out “250K” […]

Commercial Truck Buyers Comment on Cybertruck

Hyperchange has a new video out about the Cybertruck, and it’s full of great stuff, but one moment in particular caught my attention. In the video, Gali shares a comment he received from someone who maintains a fleet of commercial trucks: I have a fleet of commercial vehicles. Maintenance is a HUGE expense. The Cybertruck […]