Victoria, Australia Adds Fines for Blocking EV Chargers

Nothing is worse than when you need to use a charger, only to find that it’s being blocked by a gas car looking for an easy parking space. New rules in Victoria, Australia hope to change that: Drivers who block electric vehicle chargers in Victoria will be fined under new road rules.  Non-electric vehicles, or […]

Meet ZETA: The New EV Lobby

When Trump became President of the United States in 2017, the government suddenly became less excited about transitioning the country to electric vehicles quickly. Trump always liked coal, not renewable power. Well now it looks like we’ve got a new administration coming into the White House in January (assuming they can get the current President […]

Pandemic Helps Oil Cartel Consolidate Market

Kevin Crowley, David Wethe, and Sheela Tobben have an interesting story out on Bloomberg this weekend about how the pandemic has killed U.S. shale oil producers and consolidated control of global oil markets in the hands of OPEC: “In the future, certainly we believe OPEC will be the swing producer — really, totally in control of […]

J.P. Morgan Chase Realizes the Badger Ain’t Happening

Mike Wayland at CNBC brings us some truly shocking news: JPMorgan is “skeptical” about Nikola finalizing a deal with General Motors to produce an electric pickup truck called the Badger for the embattled vehicle start-up. CNBC Gee, I wonder what could have happened to give them doubts about the Badger. Maybe they saw Nikola’s CEO on Mad Money. Instead, […]